Elma Čavčić 

Born: Žepa, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 21 January 1995

Mail: elmaa236 [at]

Tel: 00/31/64/44/26/658

The topics that you can most often find in the works of Elma Čavčić are war, political power and her false brilliance. Her work shows various elements related to these topics such as weapons, soldiers, planes and flags. These topics fascinated Elma both as a child and as she grew up, which led her to present and explore through artistic work while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. The starting point of the work was the stories of her parents, which she tried to present through artwork in paintings and ceramic sculptures.

“In my works, if you observe long enough, you will notice contradictions in the work, the playfulness of colors versus war elements. By doing so, I try to give the viewer more space to ask questions rather than impose just a serious topic. My focus for my art is manly the conflict and war in Bosnia in the 90s, but it doesn’t stop there. In my ceramic works, such asthe medal and awards I make, are also a symbol of social performance that is present to this day. The medals that the veterans received as a reward actually represent lifelong trauma and memories of war events. For me, it is a paradoxical and contradictory medal worn by veterans, which symbolize a traumatic experience. ”

Artist statement

Absurdist spectacle, sweet lies and temptation. Shady representations of early 21st century, the century of progress. World power and power to destroy, splendour and destruction seem to go together. Repetition of all that has been and will return again. 

A colorful and clumsy scene of painted and ceramic objects that festively embrace you in their gruesome beauty.


2013 -2017 Bachelor in Fine Art and Design in Education, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU).

2017-2018 Bcademie 2017/2018, class off Wandschappen.

Solo exhibitions:

2022     ‘Combined realities’ EXBOOT, Utrecht (NL)

2022      Past is present’ with Jovana Štulić, Projectspace LOKAAL, Utrecht (NL)

2022     ‘Ljubavni sudar’ Duo solo with Jovana Štulić at H47, Leeuwarden (NL)

2020     Solo at Baak Seaside, Noordwijk (NL)

2019      Moving Gallery, Utrecht (NL) 

2018      ‘Simultaneously: Left right, Right wrong’ Scoop, Utrecht (NL)

2023     ‘A Never-Ending Narrative‘, TROEF Leiden, Leiden (NL)

2023    ‘PROSPECTS’ Mondrian fund, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

2022    Allegory of the Brave Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (NL)

2022      ‘Kollektion Kitsch’ Worm Wunderbar, Rotterdam(NL)   

2021      ‘Vrijheid van nu’ Galerie Pouloeuf, Naarden (NL)  

2020      ‘Simpel Impact Factory’ Global Goal 10, SIF, Utrecht (NL)

2020      ‘ARTISTINTHEWORLD Utrecht Edition’ Galerie Larik, Utrecht (NL)

2020     ‘Borgerstraat Openstudios’ Art week Rotterdam (NL)

2019      ‘Keilecontemporary#3′ Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)

2019      ‘Midzomerfestival’ ZONDERPUNT collective, KANAAL30, Utrecht                      (NL)

2019      ‘Theatraal’ ZONDERPUNT collective,, Amersfoort                   (NL)

2019      ‘Twentyfourseven’, Academy gallery, Utrecht (NL)

2018      ‘This Art Fair 2018’, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)

2018      ‘KUNST IN /K’ Studio K, Amsterdam (NL)  

2018     ‘On my way to the Galatic Supermarket, need anything?’ Garage    Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

2018      ‘ALLES KOMT GOED’ Atelier 014, Utrecht (NL)

2017      ‘Bcademie stand’ This Art Fair 2017, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)

2017      ‘Reflection’ Bcademie Wandschappen, Rotterdam (NL)

2017      ‘Looking for trouble‘ Casco/Fotodok, Utrecht (NL)

2017      ‘Exposure‘ HKU, Utrecht (NL)

2015      ‘Jongeren en hun belevningswereld‘, HKU, Utrecht (NL)

Set Design: 

2019     Short movie: ‘Cloud Forest’ by Eliane Esther Bots

32 Filmfest Dresden (DE) // Go Short, European Competition, Nijmegen (NL) // Eye on Art, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam (NL) // Movies that Matter Film Festival, The Hague (NL) // Glasgow Short Film Festival, International Competition, Glasgow // Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht (NL) // Uppsala International Short Film Festival, International Competition, (SE) // Dokument Film Festival, Glasgow (SCH) // Kassel Dokfest, International Competition (DE) // Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, The Hague (NL)

Commissioned work:

2020     Studio Moio, TinderShit (still in progress) part the ‘Shit Museum’ on the Kunstroute Leiden. The work was created following the events that occurred in 2020. BLM, polarization, wildfires,  politics etc… The studio asked me to make an interactive art work about ‘all the things we don’t give a shit about’. The idea of making a Tinder like board to swipe left and right quickly surfaced. It is an artwork where people can discuss current issues in the world together. 


2022       Mondrian Fund ‘Artist start’ Stipendieum

2021       Galerie Pouloeuff Public’s Prize – Winner

2017       Preselection  ‘HKU Gemeente Utrecht Award’

Works bought by several private collectors


Balkan Art Scene – Ljubavni Sudar 

Ljubavni Sudar, liefdevolle botsing tussen twee vrouwenlevens,  Leeuwarder Courant

Gooi- en Eemlander, 11-02-2021: ‘Over vrij, en niet vrij zijn’ 

Kunstwerkboek deel 2, Axion Continu 

Culemburgse courant, Klaas en klant, Vlucht, 07-04-2019

Utrechts Dagblad, Woensdag 27 maart 2019, UIT KORT pg.24

Graduation Show 2017: HKU. 24 JUNE 2017 – Metropolis M 

Beeldreportage afstudeerexamens 2018: July 2018 – Kunstzone


2023    Podcast Kunst is Lang episode 249

2022    Uitzending RouteC RTV Utrecht

2022   NOS uitzending Oorlog in Oekraïne en Bosnië  

2021    Young Collectors Circle Festival, FRESH TALENT studio visit LINK

2020    Het Srebrenica Monument. Reflecties over de rol van een nieuw monument in de stad van Vrede en Recht.  Gastspreker, Stroom Den Haag

2020   Radio NPO2 Bosnië door de ogen van de generatie ’95

2019    Artist talk Q&A Cloud forest, NFF


2019 –…   Mentor brede basisopleiding, HKU (NL)